Feb 062012


Today i will write a short review about my ordered Limited Crystal Edition


The grafic is awesome and what i could say at the moment is that the story is pretty cool. But on the other hand — Im playing on the old big fat PS3 — i have sometimes some stuttering during movie-sequences.

Anybody else with this problem? With the new small PS3 there is no such problem.


But now lets have a look what i´ve ordered from amazon ^,^


Limited Steelbook. Didn´t cost any extra money because i´ve ordered the game from amazon. Very nice extra.


The Crystal Edition – Later more about the loot inside xD


The Limited Collectors Edition – Strategy Guide.


Brought to us by „Piggyback“ and they did a great job. This book comes with a smooth cover and a lot of artworks.

And now we should take a look inside the Steelbook and the Crystal Edition.



An extra booklet with beautiful artworks


Some character cards.


The original soundtrack with 4 CD´s.
It´s not exactly my taste but the arrangements are very nice.


XXL T-Shirt ^,^
I think i will put it on the wall in my living room.



A booklet with episode one.
This tell us the story between the end of the first game and the beginning of the new one.

Actually i´ve played something around 10 hours and i´am reached yesterday chapter 3. The fights are this time more dynamical than in the old one. But i need more practice for the optimal first strike.

With all the Side Quests it should be take much more time to reach the 100 % in this game. But im looking forward to do it xP

For the platin trophy in XIII i needed more than one year. ^,^

Last word!
Im happy that i decided to order the Special-edition. It was a little bit expensive but it´s worth all the money.

  One Response to “Final Fantasy XIII-2 „its here“”

  1. Hehe.. i have seen yesterday the picture on your flickr ^^
    Yeah… XXL T-Shirt… i know why i have only buy the Collectors Edition or how it names.
    Platin on XIII? oO My friend… so many time i wouldnt have in all my life for get this trophy! XD

    Ah, Vendetta is now Scoreville 😉

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