Mai 052012

Hello friends,
after 3 weeks of movement i finally finished my rooms. The Connection to the WWW is done, Electricity-contract ordered, the local postoffice is notifed about the new address.

In the next days i have to tell all my insurances, bankaccount the new address too.

But for now a few images :)


The entrance


My home office ^,^


The Desc with the working machine and all other important things that someone need.


Same room, other side.
My Otaku – Corner


One Problem with this constellation. There is no free power point available x__x for the LED Light in the shelves. Solution is needed. ^,^


The Book, DVD and BluRay Ikea storage system „Expedit xP


The bedroom is in the upper floor.


Not sure if the tv, playstation and soundsystem should stay in my bedroom. But for the first it´s fine i think. My third room is at the moment a place for many many boxes and other things who need to find the right place in the house in the next weeks. So i have to wait for now.


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