Sep 292012


Last weeks loot :)
Resident Evil was preordert weeks ago, and i nearly forgot it until i opened my postbox. xP
What a nice surprise surprise.

Borderlands II was a spontaneous decision. I played the first part long time ago and i liked it, but i wasn´t shure if i should grab Part 2 now. It was a good decision. Playing is pretty much fun.
Some of the Missions are very hard to accomplish. I think i played until now a little more of the half of the game and there where many frustrating Situations.
Especially with the Constructors and some Badass-Enemies. Against one of the constructurs i died so many times that i had to shut down the console or something was in danger to get broken on the wall xP


The next loot is a Glidecam HD2000 for Moviemaking. Bought from the German Reseller Marcotec.

Until now i havn´t used it very much. But that what i tried is very difficult. The results aren´t that what i want.
I think this tool need very much practice until you can get a relative good short film.

But time will tell. :) For the next Convention i need to be ready with it. :)


The past week we had regularly visit from a neighbor cat. She begs for food, while staying for minutes till hours on our terrace =^,^=

He/She is very shy, but sometimes it is allowed to pet him/her.




The next animal who visited us =^,^=

I had no idea what this is called but it looked like dead bark from a tree.

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